Hyejin Youn

Senior Research Fellow
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Oxford Martin School
University of Oxford, UK

Research Fellow
Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe, NM USA

Email: youn [at] maths [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk
Curriculum Vitae: cv.pdf

I am a senior research fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford and a research fellow at Santa Fe Institute where I held a Postdoctoral Fellowship between 2011 and 2013, after earning my PhD in Statistical Physics from KAIST in Feb. 2011. I am also PI of National Science Foundation grant (USA) to study Technological Change from the Map of Capabilities with Aaron Cluaset, the University of Colorado at Boulder [link]

My research aims to develop a mathematical and computational framework to understand complex systems. These include (see the detail here):

Please visit my publication page or Google scholar profile for the more details on my publications.


  • My first anthropology paper, the ecological and evolutionary energetics of hunter-gatherer residential mobility, appears in Evolutionary Anthropology 25:124–132 [link], and is featured in [Phys.Org].

  • Caucus meeting at AOM (Academy of Management), "Building an Integrated Framework for Innovation, Organizations and Society" is on Aug 8, 2016 at Anaheim Marriott in Platinum Ballroom 5. The detail is found in [link]

  • Our paper, Technological novelty profile and invention’s future impact, appears in EPJ Data Science 2016 5:8 [link], and is featured in [SpringerOpen blog].

  • Our paper, Scaling and universality in urban economic diversification, Journal of The Royal Society Interface 13:20150937 [link]: see Media covers [Science of Cities in Next City], and [Forbes]

  • Satellite Workshop at NetSci16 on "Networks and Technology Evolution​​" is orgaized on 30 May, 2016. We call for contribution talks. The detail is found in [link]

  • Quartz made a really cool movie on our paper.

  • An interactive webpage for a linguistic semantic project is now up and running. Have fun with learning languages from African to Eurasian, to American, and to Oceanian [link]
  • Our paper, On the universal structure of human lexical semantics, appears in Proc Natl Acad Sci [link]: see Media Coverage [Phys.org], [Santa Fe Institute news], [Mathematical Institute news, University of Oxford], [ PNAS highlights], [QUARTZ video clip], [Nature], and [National Geography Blog]

  • Our paper, Invention as a combinatorial process: Evidence from U.S. Patents appears in Royal Soc. Interface 12 106 [link]: see Media coverage [the Economist], [Santa Fe Institute news], [GIZMODO], [MIT Technology Review], and [Nature Physics]

  • Satellite Workshop at CCS15 on "Quantitative methods for predicting, explaining and describing technological change" is orgaized on September, 2015. The detail is found in [link]

  • Workshop on "Theory and practice of innovation: Different perspectives under the same name"
    is orgaized on Feb 27th, 2015. The detail is found in [link]

  • NSF grant to study Technological Change from the Map of Capabilities with Aaron Cluaset, the University of Colorado at Boulder [link]

  • Journal Club on "Innovation: technological change and economic growth"
    is being held at 13.00 on every Thursday. The detail is found in [link]

  • Lecture on Science of Cities
    H. Youn
    Towards the Scientific Theory of Cities at Gresham College (2014). [Video Clip]