Structure of Technology


Welcome Reception:
Monday, June 13, 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Hotel Santa Fe, 1501 Paseo de Peralta.
Tuesday informal event:
Ricardo Hausmann will be giving a public lecture at the Lensic Performing Arts Center. See the detail here. Some of us will have an early dinner together and attend the lecture. If you would like to join us, please inform Jaehyuk Park ASAP. For the lecture, please register here.
Conference Dinner
Thursday, June 15, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Hotel Santa Fe, 1501 Paseo de Peralta.


The last few years have seen researchers take diverse approaches to the study of technology.  This work broaches new ideas, emphasizing complementarity over substitutability, propagating effects, network heterogeneity, latent relationships, and diversity of output over quantity.  Yet in expanding the scope of inquiry, these efforts, in different ways, are bumping up against an issue central to the study of technology – how does one conceive of and model its structure?

In this workshop, we will bring together experts with different views of the problem.  Spurred by new data, an urgency to understand the societal impacts of technology, and borrowing of methods across disciplines, researchers are exploring new models of technology and advancing earlier ones in new ways.  Collectively, these approaches make inroads into what may turn out to be richer theoretical frameworks to describe and understand the structure of technology, with parallels that suggest a deep theory of technology lies ahead. In this workshop, we take stock of these new approaches. Participants will present state-of-the-art research, and share perspectives on directions for future efforts. We will consider what is being learned from these new efforts, what questions remain, and what needs researchers will have going forward.

The workshop constitutes three days.

Venue & Time
The Noyce Conference Room,
Santa Fe Institute,
1399 Hyde Park Rd, Santa Fe, NM 8750
Breakfast, 8  US Mountain Time
  US Mountain Time


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Tuesday, June 14th

What is the 'structure' of technology

Wednesday, June 15th
Why does structure matter?
How does society interact with
the structure of technology?

Friday, June 16th

How do we model technology structure and dynamics

8:00 AM  Breakfast at Santa Fe Institute
8:00 AM  Breakfast at Santa Fe Institute
8:00 AM  Breakfast at Santa Fe Institute
9:00 AM   Welcome
9:00 AM  Start-of-day remarks
9:00 AM  Start-of-day remarks
9:20 AM    Ricardo Hausmann
9:05 AM   Woody Powell
9:05 AM   Sabine Brunswicker
10:10 AM  Hyejin Youn
9:55 AM   Dan Levinthal
9:55 AM James McNerney
11:00 AM  Coffee break
10:45 AM  Coffee break
10:45 AM  Coffee Break
11:20 AM   Panel discussion 1
11:00 AM  Panel discussion 3
11:15 AM  Panel discussion 4
12:20 PM   Lunch
12:00 PM  Lunch
12:20 PM  Lunch
1:20 PM    Tyson Browning
1:30 PM   James Evans
 12:30 PM SFI talk by Tristan Duke
2:10 PM   Carliss Baldwin
2:20 PM  Frank Neffke
2:00 PM  Thomas Fink
3:00 PM  Coffee break
3:10 PM  Coffee break
2:50 PM   Phil Auerswald
3:30 PM    Daniel Whitney
3:40 PM    Group Discussion
(50min + 40min)
3:40 PM   Group Discussion
(40min + 40min)
4:20 PM  Panel discussion 2
5:10 PM  End-of-day remarks
5:00 PM Conclusion
5:00 PM  Roundtable: Debrief
6:30 PM  Dinner at Hotel Santa Fe
6:00 pm: informal dinner [Jaehyuk]
& Ricardo's public lecture [register]

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Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard Kennedy School
James McNerney, Harvard Kennedy School
Hyejin Youn, Kellogg School of Management

This event is supported by National Science Foundation Grant Number 2034026, the Santa Fe Institute, and Harvard Kennedy School