Published work

  1. What makes Individual I's a Collective We; Coordination mechanisms & costs
    J. Yoon, C. Kempes, V. Chuqiao Yang, G. West, H. Youn
    working paper arXiv:2306.02113 [physics.soc-ph] [updated version].

  2. Deconstructing Human Capital to Construct Hierarchical Nestedness
    M. Hosseinioun, F. Neffke, LT. Zhang, H.Youn
    working paper arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.15629 [updated version].

  3. Deeply nested structure of mythological traditions worldwide
    H. Kim, M. J. Hamilton, W-S Jung, Y. Berezkin and H. Youn
    working paper working paper [updated version].

  4. The impact of geographical distance on learning through collaboration
    F. Wouden, H.Youn
    Research Policy 522 [link].

  5. Metrics and mechanisms: Measuring the unmeasurable in the science of scienceL
    Wu, A Kittur, H Youn, S Milojevic, E Leahey, SM Fiore, YY Ahn
    Journal of Informetrics 16101290 [link].

  6. The universal pathway to innovative urban economies
    I. Hong, M. R. Frank, I. Rahwan, W.-S. Jung, H. Youn
    Science Advances 6:34, eaba4934 [link] [].

  7. Toward understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on labor M. R. Frank et al
    PNAS 116 (14) 6531-6539 [link] [Forbes].

  8. Scaling and the Universality of Function Diversity Across Human Organizations
    V. Yang, C. P Kempes, H. Youn, S. Redner, G.B. West
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.06487[link] (2022)

  9. Industrial Topics in Urban Labor System
    J Park, MR Frank, L Sun, H Youn
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.09799[link] (2020)

  10. Small cities face greater impact from automation.
    M.R. Frank, L. Sun, M. Cebrian, H. Youn, I. Rahwan
    J. R. Soc. Interface 15:20170946 [link], [COVER][MIT Technology Review][New Scientist] [Kellogg Insight]

  11. Morphology of travel routes and the organization of cities
    Minjin Lee, Hugo Barbosa, Hyejin Youn, Gourab Ghoshal, Petter Holme
    Nature Communications 8:2229 [link], [Santa Fe Institute working paper]

  12. On the universal structure of human lexical semantics
    H. Youn, L. Sutton, E. Smith, C. Moore, J. Wilkins, I. Maddieson, B. Croft, T. Bhattacharya,
    PNAS 113 (7) 1766–1771 [link] [project page]
    [] , [Santa Fe Institute news], [Mathematical Institute news, University of Oxford], [PNAS highlights], [viz made by Quartz], [Nature], and in [National Geography]

  13. Invention as a combinatorial process: Evidence from U.S. Patents
    H. Youn, J. Lobo, L.M.A. Bettencourt, D. Strumsky
    J. R. Soc. Interface 12: 20150272 (2015). [Link] [arXiv]
    [the Economist] [MIT Technology Review] [Nature Physics].

  14. Studying language evolution in the age of big data
    T. Bhattacharya, N. Retzlaff, D. E Blasi, W. Croft, C.D. Hruschka, I. Maddieson, L. Muller, E. Smith, P. F. Stadler, G. Starostin, H. Youn
    Journal of Language Evolution 3:2, 94–129 [link] (2018)

  15. Dynamic burstiness of word-occurrence and network modularity in textbook systems
    XM. Cui, CN Yoon, H Youn, SH Lee, JS Jung, SK Han,
    Physica A 487:103-110 [link]

  16. Technological novelty profile and inventions future impact
    D. Kim, D. Burkhardt Cerigo, H. Jeong, H. Youn
    EPJ Data Science 2016 5:8 [link], [Springer Blog]

  17. Demographics and Democracy: A Network Analysis of Mongolians Political Cognition
    P. Sabloff, S. Thurner, R. Hanel, H. Youn
    Journal of Anthropological Research 73:617-646 [link].

  18. Scaling and universality in urban economic diversification
    H. Youn, J. Lobo, D. Strumsky, H. Samaniego, G. B. West, L. Bettencourt
    J. R. Soc. Interface 13 20150937 (2016) [arXiv] [link]
    [Science of Cities] in Next City, and [Forbes].

  19. The Hypothesis of Urban Scaling: formalization, implications, and challenges
    L. M. A. Bettencourt, J. Lobo, G. B. West, H. Youn
    [working paper] [ arXiv ]

  20. The ecological and evolutionary energetics of hunter-gatherer residential mobility
    M. J. Hamilton, J. Lobo, E. Rupley, H. Youn, G. B. West
    Evolutionary Anthropology 25:124–132 (2016) [link] [arXiv] [Phys.Org]

  21. Constructing cities, deconstructing scaling laws
    E. Arcaute, E. Hatna, P. Ferguson, H. Youn, A. Johansson, and M. Batty
    J. R. Soc. Interface 12 20140745 (2014) [Link]

  22. Professional diversity and the productivity of cities
    L. Bettencourt, H. Samaniego, H. Youn
    Scientific Reports 4, 5393 (2014) [arXiv] [Link] [WalletHub]

  23. The geography and carbon footprint of mobile phone use in Cote d Ivoire
    V. Salnikov, D. Schien, H. Youn, R. Lambiotte, and M. Gastner
    EPJ Data Science 3, 3 (2013) [Link] [arXiv]

  24. The Statistics of Urban Scaling and Their Connection to Zipf’s Law
    A. Gomez-Lievano, H. Youn, L. M. A. Bettencourt
    PLoS ONE 7(7) e40393 (2012) [Link]

  25. Inefficiency in Networks with Multiple Sources and Sinks
    H. Youn, M. T. Gastner, H. Jeong
    Complex ‘2009 (USST, Shanghai, China, Feb. 23-25) [Link]

  26. The Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks: Efficiency and Optimality Control
    H. Youn, M. T. Gastner, H. Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 128701 [Link] [The Economist] [Scientific American] [News and Tribune] [] [ArsTechnica]

  27. Price of Anarchy on Boston Road Network
    H. Youn, F. Roth, M. Silver, M.-H. Cloutier, P. Ittzes, and H. Jeong
    J. Korean Phys. Soc. 48 217 [Link]

Other work

  1. Lecture on Science of Cities
    H. Youn
    Towards the Scientific Theory of Cities at Gresham College (2014). [Video Clip]

  2. How will our cities grow?
    Interview with Smart Planet [link]

  3. #

    Urban Energy Consumption in the US (2013)
    H. Youn

  4. #

    Cartogram of Korean Election Outcome (2013)
    H. Youn